Sharp Dressed Man

I’ll keep this post short. I have a meeting with a real estate agent whom I’m looking to work with in the future. I thought I should dress sharply, and I did. Just found out that they have a ‘leave your shoes outside’ policy in their office. I removed my shoes to find that my socks have big holes in them. Right now, am sitting in their reception in proper formals, but torn socks.

Note to self – Dressing sharply includes inners too. You can never tell when you might have to take the outers off.


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One response to “Sharp Dressed Man

  • Blake Stone

    Short article but still a great story !

    A well dressed man is not just a beautiful suit and shirt.
    The socks are very important too. You can wear a black suit and pink socks, depending on your personality and on what you want to show to the rest of the world.

    Maybe it is too late for this one but you can still look at some outfits on my website for your next meeting.

    Best regards,
    Blake Stone

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